In search of a mongrel country

Over the past 12 years I've been on one hell of an adventure photographing dogs of all desription around the world. The journey has taken in the streets of New York, London, Tokyo & Rome, the Jungles of Cambodia, the slums of India, to the very heart of Australia and back again. My goal has always been to photograph man's best friend within the environments we share and to do it with dignity and respect. This has not always been an easy task. As a dog lover my heart has swollen with pride, been torn apart, then mended again with the things I have seen. I hope my photos can entertain, inspire and move people to love, care and help our four legged friends whenever and wherever possible.

David Darcy

Photo by Brett Wall

David Darcy in India
David Darcy in Uluru Text Text Text Text Text

About David Darcy

David Darcy has been capturing environmental portraits of dogs in Australia and abroad for over a decade and is one of Australia's leading author/photographers.

Born in the small township of Springwood in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. He developed a keen interest in photography from an early age and by sixteen had won the NSW junior Top Shot Award. In 1999 David combined his talent for photography and his passion for dogs with a desire to travel the Australian countryside, and began capturing unique, heartfelt and truely iconic images of Australian Dogs.

To date David is the best-selling author/photographer of Mongrel Country, Outback Mongrels, A little help for our friends, Little Mongrels and his latest release Australian Mongrel. His books have been published both in Australia and the United States. He has worked on numerous photographic assignments both nationally and internationally from private sittings, commercial work, movie sets, to animal welfare campaigns.

His images have appeared in countless newspapers and magazines, on posters, banners and billboards across country. David is a keen supporter of Vets Beyond Borders and the RSPCA, and he is currently an Ambassador for Bayer Animal Health Australia. Together with his beloved dogs, David has featured on national and international television. His limited edition photographs can be seen in his Katoomba Gallery and in private collections around the world.

David Darcy in Katoomba, New South Wales, 2012

Katoomba, New South Wales, 2012

David Darcy in Banlung, Cambodia, 2007

Banlung, Cambodia, 2007

David Darcy in Kanimbla Valley, New South Wales 2005

Kanimbla Valley, New South Wales 2005

 David Darcy in Barkley Tablelands, Northern Territory, 2004

Barkley Tablelands, Northern Territory, 2004

 David Darcy with his dogs

Springwood, New south Wales, 2000

The Advantage Family

Looking Forward

I'm constantly asked, What's next? or What's on the horizon? So, without giving away all my secrets, what is next?

Well the simple answer is, "more dogs" and "more great dog stories". I'm as passionate today about photographing dogs as I was twelve years ago - when I first started. Over the course of the next decade or so, I hope to photograph more amazing dogs and video more great dog stories, from around the world. I hope to visit the remaining continents and snap the wild dogs of Africa, the street dogs of South America and the huskies of the arctic. I'm also inspired by relationships between dogs and humans from all walks of life and look forward to meeting many more rich, poor, famous, informous, young, old, men & women and their dogs.

If you have a great dog story, know of an inspiring mutt tail, or you are of notable exsistance yourself and have a dog, I'd love to hear from you.

Sepia portrait of David Darcy